Q-Some Big Band

Q-Some Big Band

Q-Some Big Band is a contemporary jazz orchestra made up of young, talented musicians. From the Q-Some Composer Hub they explore the richness of sound and color that a modern big band has to offer. Using refreshing arrangements, innovative programs and unexpected musical collaborations, this orchestra crosses boundaries, where the passion for the craft, the warmth within the band and especially the bigger dreams are clearly audible.

QSome band


Dreamin' is the debut album from Q-Some Big Band featuring original work from their own ranks: Manten Van Gils, Gabriele di Franco, Robbe Willems and Pierre-Antoine Savoyat; the Q-Some Composer Hub. The album was featured on the national radio Klara - you can listen to the interview here : Q-Some big band debuteert met de plaat dreamin'

The quality of the compositions, the tight leadership and the ingrained playfulness mean that this little hour of contemporary big band music doesn't bore a second.

- Dani Heyvaert; Rootstime

We can only underline the versatility of this ensemble; they don’t just stick to one style of music. A complete experience and a beautiful tapestry of sound that makes us dream away and blends modesty and exuberance.

- Erik Van Damme; Musiczine