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Live recording

We handle your project from start to finish: you can focus on the music, we will take care of the rest.

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Venue selection, planning, song selection, playlist suggestions, song improvements, ... Advertisement and marketing of the concert.


We can hire extra skilled musicians if needed. Setup and prepare recording gear, providing redundant recorders if required.


In the end, we make sure to provide a superb sounding mix. More info on our Mixing services.


We strive for perfection and try to achieve the best results possible.


Our goal is to create a record that sounds natural, reproducing the experience a listener has at the concert.


You are in charge. We want to cooperate, giving advice along the way, helping you to achieve a higher quality result.


You will always be the owner of the material. We will never take your music.


We provide access to the raw and finished product using a cloud account that we setup for you. We always provide the finished and raw materials on a new hard disk. Check out our Distribution services.


You want us to publish your music : take a look at our Label & Distribution services!