Label and music distribution

Label & Music Distribution

Distribute your music to online platforms, Cd or vinyl. Create a dedicated website for single, EP or album release.

Online presence

Distribute your music to all major online streaming services and help promote upcoming releases and/or concerts.

We have a unique approach: we will provide an integrated online management system for the band and distributors to interact and share files making our collaboration easier, fast and secure!


Super-charge your new release!

Releasing an album under the Liquid Smoke Records label puts a stamp of quality on the release and makes sure your release gets noticed!

Physical media

Deliver on physical media: CD, vinyl, disk,...


Too busy making music? Stuck with album artwork? We can create a design and theme for you.


We can create and set up a dedicated website for the distribution of a single, ep or entire album.


Quality is important. That is why we maintain quality of the original source by converting using the highest standards.

Looking for a professional sounding recording? Head over to our live recording section.